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​Join me for a 1-on-1 consultation session. This is a great way to receive advice or recommendations on plan visits or relocations to the Dominican Republic. These sessions can prevent you from wasting time, money, and energy so you can focus on enjoyment and relaxation.

My goal is to help assist you in making the transition into the life you desire. These sessions will be tailored according to your specific needs and can cover a range of topics depending on where you are in your transition stage, whether you’re in the beginning stage of decision or final stage of implementation.

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​For travelers and future expats looking to relocate or retire in the Dominican Republic, this important information will help you comprehensively plan your relocation as well as give you insight on the essential facts about the country

Whether you’re going to be relocating or retiring, there are some things worth considering that will guarantee a smooth transition.

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What is the year-round weather like?

Every day is a beautiful day in Dominican Republic (DR). The country is blessed with year-round summer-like weather, with mostly sunny days and clear blue skies. When it rains, showers are fleeting and quickly followed by sun. The average high is 87 ̊ F (30.55 ̊ C), with an average low of 73 ̊ F (22.77 ̊ C) degrees.

What is the current exchange rate?

Foreign currencies fluctuate from day to day, according to the market. You can check the exchange rates directly with commercial banks and exchange offices.

Is it best to change money at the airport?

Unless you need to pay for a taxi, it is recommended that you change your money at your destination city, as there is greater competition on and because of this they offer a better exchange rate than at the airport.

How safe is it?

The country con-nues to have one of the lower crime rates in the region. However, it is wise to always take precautions, just as you would if you were to visit any new country or large new city in the world.

Do I need to speak Spanish to travel to Dominican Republic?

You won’t have any problems communicating in the DR. Dominicans are very friendly and even if they do not speak your language, they will help you find someone who can or find a way to communicate. In the big cities, as well as in most tourist destinations, staff in hotels, restaurants, and tourist areas, as well as tour guides understand and speak English.

Is my drivers’ license valid in the Dominican Republic?

Yes it is valid, but only for the duration of your legal stay–i.e. your 30-day tourist card or visa term.

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